PHP 8.2

Deprecated Features

PHP Core

Usage of dynamic properties

The creation of dynamic properties is deprecated, unless the class opts in by using the #[\AllowDynamicProperties] attribute. stdClass allows dynamic properties. Usage of the __get()/__set() magic methods is not affected by this change. A dynamic properties deprecation warning can be addressed by:

  • Declaring the property (preferred).
  • Adding the #[\AllowDynamicProperties] attribute to the class (which also applies to all child classes).
  • Using a WeakMap if additional data needs to be associated with an object which one does not own.

Relative callables

Callables that are not accepted by the $callable() syntax (but are accepted by call_user_func()) are deprecated. In particular:

  • "self::method"
  • "parent::method"
  • "static::method"
  • ["self", "method"]
  • ["parent", "method"]
  • ["static", "method"]
  • ["Foo", "Bar::method"]
  • [new Foo, "Bar::method"]
This does not affect normal method callables such as "A::method" or ["A", "method"].

"${var}" and "${expr}" style interpolation

The "${var}" and "${expr}" style of string interpolation is deprecated. Use "$var"/"{$var}" and "{${expr}}", respectively.


Usage of the QPrint, Base64, Uuencode, and HTML-ENTITIES 'text encodings' is deprecated for all MBString functions. Unlike all the other text encodings supported by MBString, these do not encode a sequence of Unicode codepoints, but rather a sequence of raw bytes. It is not clear what the correct return values for most MBString functions should be when one of these non-encodings is specified. Moreover, PHP has separate, built-in implementations of all of them; for example, UUencoded data can be handled using convert_uuencode()/convert_uudecode().


The internal SplFileInfo::_bad_state_ex() method has been deprecated.


utf8_encode() and utf8_decode() have been deprecated.

PHP 8.1

Deprecated Features

PHP Core

Implementing Serializable without __serialize() and __unserialize()

Either only the new methods should be implemented, if no support for PHP prior to version 7.4 is provided, or both should be implemented.

Passing null to non-nullable parameters of built-in functions

Scalar types for built-in functions are nullable by default, this behaviour is deprecated to align with the behaviour of user-defined functions, where scalar types need to be marked as nullable explicitly.

// Deprecated: Passing null to parameter #2 ($needle) of type string
//             is deprecated

Implicit incompatible float to int conversions

The implicit conversion of float to int which leads to a loss in precision is now deprecated. This affects array keys, int type declarations in coercive mode, and operators working on ints.

= [];
$a[15.5]; // deprecated, as key value loses the 0.5 component
$a[15.0]; // ok, as 15.0 == 15

Calling a static element on a trait

Calling a static method, or accessing a static property directly on a trait is deprecated. Static methods and properties should only be accessed on a class using the trait.

Returning a non-array from __sleep()

Returning a value which is not an array from __sleep() now generates a diagnostic.

Returning by reference from a void function

function &test(): void {}
Such a function is contradictory, and already emits the following E_NOTICE when called: Only variable references should be returned by reference.

Autovivification from false

Autovivification is the process of creating a new array when appending to a value. Autovivification is prohibited from scalar values, false however was an exception. This is now deprecated.

$arr[] = 2;   // deprecated


Autovivification from null and undefined values is still allowed:

// From undefined
$arr[] = 'some value';
$arr['doesNotExist'][] = 2;
// From null
$arr null;
$arr[] = 2;


Verifying non-string arguments

Passing a non-string argument is deprecated. In the future, the argument will be interpreted as a string instead of an ASCII codepoint. Depending on the intended behavior, the argument should either be cast to string or an explicit call to chr() should be made. All ctype_*() functions are affected.


date_sunrise() and date_sunset() have been deprecated in favor of date_sun_info().

strptime() has been deprecated. Use date_parse_from_format() instead (for locale-independent parsing), or IntlDateFormatter::parse() (for locale-dependent parsing).

strftime() and gmstrftime() have been deprecated. Use date() instead (for locale-independent formatting), or IntlDateFormatter::format() (for locale-dependent formatting).



The filter.default INI directive is deprecated.


The num_points of imagepolygon(), imageopenpolygon() and imagefilledpolygon() has been deprecated.


The mhash(), mhash_keygen_s2k(), mhash_count(), mhash_get_block_size(), and mhash_get_hash_name() have been deprecated. Use the hash_*() functions instead.


The NIL constant has been deprecated. Use 0 instead.


Calling IntlCalendar::roll() with a bool argument is deprecated. Use 1 and -1 instead of true and false respectively.

Multibyte String

Calling mb_check_encoding() without any arguments is deprecated.


The mysqli_driver::$driver_version property has been deprecated. It was meaningless and outdated, use PHP_VERSION_ID instead.

Calling mysqli::get_client_info() or mysqli_get_client_info() with the mysqli argument has been deprecated. Call mysqli_get_client_info() without any arguments to obtain the version information of the client library.

The mysqli::init() method has been deprecated. Replace calls to parent::init() with parent::__construct().


The oci8.old_oci_close_semantics INI directive is deprecated.


odbc_result_all() has been deprecated.


The PDO::FETCH_SERIALIZE fetch mode has been deprecated.


Not passing the connection argument to all pgsql_*() functions has been deprecated.


The ssl_method option of SoapClient::__construct() has been deprecated in favor of SSL stream context options.


Calling key(), current(), next(), prev(), reset(), or end() on objects is deprecated. Either use get_mangled_object_vars() on the object first, or use ArrayIterator.

The auto_detect_line_endings INI directive is deprecated. If necessary, handle "\r" line breaks manually instead.

The FILE_BINARY and FILE_TEXT constants have been deprecated. They never had any effect.

PHP 8.0

Deprecated Features

PHP Core

  • If a parameter with a default value is followed by a required parameter, the default value has no effect. This is deprecated as of PHP 8.0.0 and can generally be resolved by dropping the default value, without a change in functionality:

    function test($a = [], $b) {} // Before
    function test($a$b) {}      // After

    One exception to this rule are parameters of the form Type $param = null, where the null default makes the type implicitly nullable. This usage remains allowed, but it is recommended to use an explicit nullable type instead:

    function test(A $a null$b) {} // Still allowed
    function test(?A $a$b) {}       // Recommended
  • Calling get_defined_functions() with exclude_disabled explicitly set to false is deprecated and no longer has an effect. get_defined_functions() will never include disabled functions.



libxml_disable_entity_loader() has been deprecated. As libxml 2.9.0 is now required, external entity loading is guaranteed to be disabled by default, and this function is no longer needed to protect against XXE attacks, unless the (still vulnerable) LIBXML_NOENT is used. In that case, it is recommended to refactor the code using libxml_set_external_entity_loader() to suppress loading of external entities.


Standard Library

  • Sort comparison functions that return true or false will now throw a deprecation warning, and should be replaced with an implementation that returns an integer less than, equal to, or greater than zero.

    // Replace
    usort($arrayfn($a$b) => $a $b);
    // With
    usort($arrayfn($a$b) => $a <=> $b);


  • Using an empty file as ZipArchive is deprecated. Libzip 1.6.0 does not accept empty files as valid zip archives any longer. The existing workaround will be removed in the next version.

  • The procedural API of Zip is deprecated. Use ZipArchive instead. Iteration over all entries can be accomplished using ZipArchive::statIndex() and a for loop:

    // iterate using the procedural API
    while (
    $entry zip_read($zip)) {

    // iterate using the object-oriented API
    assert($zip instanceof ZipArchive);
    for (
    $i 0$entry $zip->statIndex($i); $i++) {


PHP 7.4

Deprecated Features

PHP Core

Nested ternary operators without explicit parentheses

Nested ternary operations must explicitly use parentheses to dictate the order of the operations. Previously, when used without parentheses, the left-associativity would not result in the expected behaviour in most cases.

5;   // deprecated
(3) ? 5// ok
: (5); // ok

Parentheses are not required when nesting into the middle operand, as this is always unambiguous and not affected by associativity:

1 ? 2 ? 3 : 4 : 5 // ok

Array and string offset access using curly braces

The array and string offset access syntax using curly braces is deprecated. Use $var[$idx] instead of $var{$idx}.

(real) cast and is_real() function

The (real) cast is deprecated, use (float) instead.

The is_real() function is also deprecated, use is_float() instead.

Unbinding $this when $this is used

Unbinding $this of a non-static closure that uses $this is deprecated.

parent keyword without parent class

Using parent inside a class without a parent is deprecated, and will throw a compile-time error in the future. Currently an error will only be generated if/when the parent is accessed at run-time.

allow_url_include INI option

The allow_url_include ini directive is deprecated. Enabling it will generate a deprecation notice at startup.

Invalid characters in base conversion functions

Passing invalid characters to base_convert(), bindec(), octdec() and hexdec() will now generate a deprecation notice. The result will still be computed as if the invalid characters did not exist. Leading and trailing whitespace, as well as prefixes of type 0x (depending on base) continue to be allowed.

Using array_key_exists() on objects

Using array_key_exists() on objects is deprecated. Instead either isset() or property_exists() should be used.

Magic quotes functions

The get_magic_quotes_gpc() and get_magic_quotes_runtime() functions are deprecated. They always return false.

hebrevc() function

The hebrevc() function is deprecated. It can be replaced with nl2br(hebrev($str)) or, preferably, the use of Unicode RTL support.

convert_cyr_string() function

The convert_cyr_string() function is deprecated. It can be replaced by one of mb_convert_string(), iconv() or UConverter.

money_format() function

The money_format() function is deprecated. It can be replaced by the intl NumberFormatter functionality.

ezmlm_hash() function

The ezmlm_hash() function is deprecated.

restore_include_path() function

The restore_include_path() function is deprecated. It can be replaced by ini_restore('include_path').

Implode with historical parameter order

Passing parameters to implode() in reverse order is deprecated, use implode($glue, $parts) instead of implode($parts, $glue).


Importing type libraries with case-insensitive constant registering has been deprecated.



Multibyte String

Passing a non-string pattern to mb_ereg_replace() is deprecated. Currently, non-string patterns are interpreted as ASCII codepoints. In PHP 8, the pattern will be interpreted as a string instead.

Passing the encoding as 3rd parameter to mb_strrpos() is deprecated. Instead pass a 0 offset, and encoding as 4th parameter.

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

ldap_control_paged_result_response() and ldap_control_paged_result() are deprecated. Pagination controls can be sent along with ldap_search() instead.


Calls to ReflectionType::__toString() now generate a deprecation notice. This method has been deprecated in favor of ReflectionNamedType::getName() in the documentation since PHP 7.1, but did not throw a deprecation notice for technical reasons.

The export() methods on all Reflection classes are deprecated. Construct a Reflection object and convert it to string instead:

// ReflectionClass::export(Foo::class, false) is:
echo new ReflectionClass(Foo::class), "\n";

// $str = ReflectionClass::export(Foo::class, true) is:
$str = (string) new ReflectionClass(Foo::class);


The AI_IDN_ALLOW_UNASSIGNED and AI_IDN_USE_STD3_ASCII_RULES flags for socket_addrinfo_lookup() are deprecated, due to an upstream deprecation in glibc.

PHP 7.3

Deprecated Features

PHP Core

Case-Insensitive Constants

The declaration of case-insensitive constants has been deprecated. Passing true as the third argument to define() will now generate a deprecation warning. The use of case-insensitive constants with a case that differs from the declaration is also deprecated.

Namespaced assert()

Declaring a function called assert() inside a namespace is deprecated. The assert() function is subject to special handling by the engine, which may lead to inconsistent behavior when defining a namespaced function with the same name.

Strip-Tags Streaming

The fgetss() function and the string.strip_tags stream filter have been deprecated. This also affects the SplFileObject::fgetss() method and gzgetss() function.

Data Filtering

The explicit usage of the constants FILTER_FLAG_SCHEME_REQUIRED and FILTER_FLAG_HOST_REQUIRED is now deprecated; both are implied for FILTER_VALIDATE_URL anyway.

Image Processing and GD

image2wbmp() has been deprecated.

Internationalization Functions

Usage of the Normalizer::NONE form throws a deprecation warning, if PHP is linked with ICU ≥ 56.

Multibyte String

The following undocumented mbereg_*() aliases have been deprecated. Use the corresponding mb_ereg_*() variants instead.

  • mbregex_encoding()
  • mbereg()
  • mberegi()
  • mbereg_replace()
  • mberegi_replace()
  • mbsplit()
  • mbereg_match()
  • mbereg_search()
  • mbereg_search_pos()
  • mbereg_search_regs()
  • mbereg_search_init()
  • mbereg_search_getregs()
  • mbereg_search_getpos()
  • mbereg_search_setpos()

ODBC and DB2 Functions (PDO_ODBC)

The pdo_odbc.db2_instance_name ini setting has been formally deprecated. It is deprecated in the documentation as of PHP 5.1.1.

PHP 7.2

Deprecated features in PHP 7.2.x

Unquoted strings

Unquoted strings that are non-existent global constants are taken to be strings of themselves. This behaviour used to emit an E_NOTICE, but will now emit an E_WARNING. In the next major version of PHP, an Error exception will be thrown instead.



/* Output:
Warning: Use of undefined constant NONEXISTENT - assumed 'NONEXISTENT' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in %s on line %d
string(11) "NONEXISTENT"

png2wbmp() and jpeg2wbmp()

The png2wbmp() and jpeg2wbmp() functions from the GD extension have now been deprecated and will be removed in the next major version of PHP.

INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_2003 variant

The Intl extension has deprecated the INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_2003 variant, which is currently being used as the default for idn_to_ascii() and idn_to_utf8(). PHP 7.4 will see these defaults changed to INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_UTS46, and the next major version of PHP will remove INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_2003 altogether.

__autoload() method

The __autoload() method has been deprecated because it is inferior to spl_autoload_register() (due to it not being able to chain autoloaders), and there is no interoperability between the two autoloading styles.

track_errors ini setting and $php_errormsg variable

When the track_errors ini setting is enabled, a $php_errormsg variable is created in the local scope when a non-fatal error occurs. Given that the preferred way of retrieving such error information is by using error_get_last(), this feature has been deprecated.

create_function() function

Given the security issues of this function (being a thin wrapper around eval()), this dated function has now been deprecated. The preferred alternative is to use anonymous functions.

mbstring.func_overload ini setting

Given the interoperability problems of string-based functions being used in environments with this setting enabled, it has now been deprecated.

(unset) cast

Casting any expression to this type will always result in null, and so this superfluous casting type has now been deprecated.

parse_str() without a second argument

Without the second argument to parse_str(), the query string parameters would populate the local symbol table. Given the security implications of this, using parse_str() without a second argument has now been deprecated. The function should always be used with two arguments, as the second argument causes the query string to be parsed into an array.

gmp_random() function

This function generates a random number based upon a range that is calculated by an unexposed, platform-specific limb size. Because of this, the function has now been deprecated. The preferred way of generating a random number using the GMP extension is by gmp_random_bits() and gmp_random_range().

each() function

This function is far slower at iteration than a normal foreach, and causes implementation issues for some language changes. It has therefore been deprecated.

assert() with a string argument

Using assert() with a string argument required the string to be eval()'ed. Given the potential for remote code execution, using assert() with a string argument has now been deprecated in favour of using boolean expressions.

$errcontext argument of error handlers

The $errcontext argument contains all local variables of the error site. Given its rare usage, and the problems it causes with internal optimisations, it has now been deprecated. Instead, a debugger should be used to retrieve information on local variables at the error site.

read_exif_data() function

The read_exif_data() alias has been deprecated. The exif_read_data() function should be used instead.

PHP 7.1

Deprecated features in PHP 7.1.x


The mcrypt extension has been abandonware for nearly a decade now, and was also fairly complex to use. It has therefore been deprecated in favour of OpenSSL, where it will be removed from the core and into PECL in PHP 7.2.

Eval option for mb_ereg_replace() and mb_eregi_replace()

The e pattern modifier has been deprecated for the mb_ereg_replace() and mb_eregi_replace() functions.

PHP 7.0

Deprecated features in PHP 7.0.x

PHP 4 style constructors

PHP 4 style constructors (methods that have the same name as the class they are defined in) are deprecated, and will be removed in the future. PHP 7 will emit E_DEPRECATED if a PHP 4 constructor is the only constructor defined within a class. Classes that implement a __construct() method are unaffected.

class foo {
foo() {
'I am the constructor';

The above example will output:

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; foo has a deprecated constructor in example.php on line 3

Static calls to non-static methods

Static calls to methods that are not declared static are deprecated, and may be removed in the future.

class foo {
bar() {
'I am not static!';


The above example will output:

Deprecated: Non-static method foo::bar() should not be called statically in - on line 8
I am not static!

password_hash() salt option

The salt option for the password_hash() function has been deprecated to prevent developers from generating their own (usually insecure) salts. The function itself generates a cryptographically secure salt when no salt is provided by the developer - therefore custom salt generation should not be needed.

capture_session_meta SSL context option

The capture_session_meta SSL context option has been deprecated. SSL metadata is now available through the stream_get_meta_data() function.

LDAP deprecations

The following function has been deprecated:

PHP 5.6

Deprecated features in PHP 5.6.x

Calls from incompatible context

Methods called from an incompatible context are now deprecated, and will generate E_DEPRECATED errors when invoked instead of E_STRICT. Support for these calls will be removed in a future version of PHP.

An example of such a call is:

class {
f() { echo get_class($this); }

f() { A::f(); }


The above example will output:

Deprecated: Non-static method A::f() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in - on line 7

$HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA and always_populate_raw_post_data

always_populate_raw_post_data will now generate an E_DEPRECATED error when $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA is populated. New code should use php://input instead of $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA, which will be removed in a future release. You can opt in for the new behaviour (in which $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA is never defined hence no E_DEPRECATED error will be generated) by setting always_populate_raw_post_data to -1.

iconv and mbstring encoding settings

The iconv and mbstring configuration options related to encoding have been deprecated in favour of default_charset. The deprecated options are:

PHP 5.5

Deprecated features in PHP 5.5.x

ext/mysql deprecation

The original MySQL extension is now deprecated, and will generate E_DEPRECATED errors when connecting to a database. Instead, use the MySQLi or PDO_MySQL extensions.

preg_replace() /e modifier

The preg_replace() /e modifier is now deprecated. Instead, use the preg_replace_callback() function.

intl deprecations

IntlDateFormatter::setTimeZoneID() and datefmt_set_timezone_id() are now deprecated. Instead, use the IntlDateFormatter::setTimeZone() method and datefmt_set_timezone() function, respectively.

mcrypt deprecations

The following functions have been deprecated:

PHP 5.3

Deprecated features in PHP 5.3.x

PHP 5.3.0 introduces two new error levels: E_DEPRECATED and E_USER_DEPRECATED. The E_DEPRECATED error level is used to indicate that a function or feature has been deprecated. The E_USER_DEPRECATED level is intended for indicating deprecated features in user code, similarly to the E_USER_ERROR and E_USER_WARNING levels.

The following is a list of deprecated INI directives. Use of any of these INI directives will cause an E_DEPRECATED error to be thrown at startup.

Deprecated functions:

Deprecated features:

  • Assigning the return value of new by reference is now deprecated.
  • Call-time pass-by-reference is now deprecated.